Small Business Loans No Credit Check

We do offer small business loans no credit check to people with, and these are designed specifically for small businesses. Typically, a small business is one that employs less than 500 people. Banks are on the other hand keen on funding big business or corporations and generally end up rejecting over 90% of all loan applications they receive. The credit score is one of the first parameters banks check, and banks do not provide bad credit small business loan.

As a private funder, Funding Easily tells you how to get a small business loans no credit check and our criteria are mentioned here, as follows; the business owner should not be in any form of active bankruptcy at the time of the loan application. The business needs to have a gross sale of at least $10 thousand a month or more. Finally, the business needs to be at least 12 months old, and running for the duration of the last 12 months.

These are simple and easy criteria to work with, and almost all small businesses qualify for such small business loans no credit check. In addition to the easy and simple criteria that we have mentioned above, there are also other features that are associated with the funding we have. We provide small business loans for poor credit, as the credit score of the business is not a determining factor when it comes to the qualification for the loan.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Not only do we provide bad credit business loans we do not ask small business to provide us with collateral and security for the loans, either. We are aware that most small businesses face a number of challenges when it comes to providing collateral for their loans. Typically, collateral needs to be worth twice of the loan amount.

The processing time also that we have for bad credit business loans are also very quick. Typically, the quickest we are able to process the loan application and provide the funding into the business account in in a matter of 48 to 72 hours. A bank on the other hand will take a few weeks in the least to a few months.

Contact us for more information related to a bad credit small business loans, our funding team will provide you with the information you require, and assist you with the application process. On the other hand you can click on the ‘get started’ tab and fill in your details to initiate the process.

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